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Workers’ Compensation

Many injured employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits when their injuries happen on the job.

  • New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration handles workers’ compensation claims for New Mexico employees.

  • The Division of Workers’ Compensation handles these claims for Texas employees.

Generally speaking, workers’ compensation benefits can provide medical care and partial payment for time off from work for recovery. To be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, an injured employee must follow specific filing steps.

Since most workplace injuries will fall under workers’ compensation law, few accidents that occur in the workplace will result in a personal injury lawsuit. However, in certain circumstances, an injured worker may be able to file a third-party claim for workplace injuries. Typically, a third-party personal injury lawsuit is appropriate when the employer’s conduct was especially reckless.

If you suffered a serious injury at work and were not properly compensated by workers’ compensation or if your injury resulted from your employer’s negligence, give Morales Legal Services a call to learn more about filing a work-related injuries lawsuit.